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What are fun-play Video slots?

Most of the online operators will allow their members or even non-registered casino visitors to spin a few slot rounds for free and play slots for fun only.

While browsing through the offer of different casinos, you will probably notice that the majority of their assortment comes in a test play mode and one can launch the game even before creating a casino account or submitting a deposit. This is a so-called demo play version that allows the player to try the game and experience every aspect of it without wagering real money.

In most cases, there will be no difference between the game launched in real money mode and one opened in demo play; bonus rounds, free spins and any extra features integrated into the game will be unlocked in the same way as if the game was launched in real money mode.

Why play slots with no payouts?

In case you were wondering what's in it for you and why you need to spend your time on something that cannot generate any payments, the truth is that playing slots for fun can bring plenty of long-term benefits. Getting acquainted with the game by playing it in a safe, risk-free environment is one of the major advantages of launching slots in fun mode.

This is especially important for new releases, where one is still not able to rely on other people's opinions and experiences. Even if the slot has been on the market for some time and there are comments regarding the features and gameplay, nothing has the value of a personal experience; only you can determine whether or not something matches your own taste and expectations and free slots are indispensable in this case.

Additional benefits of slots for fun

Besides the opportunity to play and understand the game and its bonus features, an added value of free slots is that you can also test run the online casino that provides them. That way, you are free to go through the casino's entire slot catalog and try different releases, including the games that are categorized as high variance or high roller, without the danger of drying out your budget.

More experienced players would highly recommend playing all high volatility slots in test mode first, even if you are planning on playing the game on minimum bets. Any second that's spent spinning slots for fun is an extra penny saved and should be regarded as a time investment that will provide you with a clear answer if a slot is worth your money.

Disadvantages of playing slots for fun

The downside of playing slots for fun is that some casinos will only allow limited play time which is not enough for a player to determine the character and the flow of the game. After a certain time, the game will either be discontinued or interrupted by a window popping up, asking the player to switch to real money play.

Another disadvantage is that some of the integrated or bonus features will not be available in fun play mode. Gamble feature may only be reserved for real money wagers, as well as a few other options, which can be a bit frustrating since it will prevent you from fully experiencing the game.

The progressive slot is almost always available only for real money play although there are some exceptions. Fortunately, most of the other slots can be played for free and the online casino may even grant a no-deposit Free Spins session for a slot game that they would like to promote, which can be a great way to play a slot completely free of charge and get to keep the winnings at the same time.