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History and evolution

Pokie, Puggy, Fruit Machine or plain and simple, slot, has been a part of the gambling history since the 19th century, when Sittman and Pit developed what is now considered a slot machine's ancestor – a poker based, drum device that was an instant success as soon as it hit the public venues and bars.

A somewhat simpler, the automatic machine was launched towards the end of the century; the machine had 3 reels with different symbols, including Liberty Bell, which was how the machine was named. The enormous popularity of Liberty Bell Slot machine resulted in mass copying, one of the most popular variations being Operator Bell that came out in the early 20th century.

In 1963, Bally designed Money Honey, a slot machine that's very close to modern land-based and online slot variants. The game was immensely popular, marking the dominance of electronic machines on the market. The 70s have officially started the modern slot machines era, and by the 90s, first slots with bonus games were produced.

Free Slot Machine vs Real Cash Slot

With the expansion of online casino sites, software developers gradually started to realize the importance of gaining the player's trust. Having in mind that slots have been around for more than a century, one would expect that the popularity would eventually seize. That did not happen – instead, the manufacturers have been constantly re-inventing slot machines, adjusting them to the needs of a modern consumer and keeping them fresh and exciting.

Today, there are an infinite number of slot machines, both in physical and online, the cyber form of gambling. The overwhelming selection has made it quite difficult for an average player to make a decision and start betting – this is where Free Slot Machines step in.

With both money and time at stake, players are likely to select a game that's already familiar or recommended by someone who already tested it. This means that you will either stay stuck with the same boring slot machine or play a profitable game that is not really your cup of tea. With demo play Free Slot Machine things are drastically different and you can play literally any new or high variance game loaded with extra features at no cost at all! If, after spinning it for some time, you decide that the game is just not what you were hoping it would be – no harm is done. You can simply proceed to some other slot and start over.

Apart from saving you loads of cash, Free Slot machines can also entertain, since they are an awesome opportunity to play a slot which has all the bonus features you enjoy and which you cannot get with some other, more affordable slot. In other words, this is where you can just relax and fulfill your fantasy of hitting the most expensive game that an online casino includes in its offer. 

Having said that, Free Slot Machines downsides will have to be mentioned as well. The first major disadvantage of fun play slots is the unavailability of some bonuses. This is not a rule and many software developers will make all the extra features available in Free Slot machine as well as in the real cash play variant. Still, there will be times when you will discover that Free Slot Machines have their limitations and this is one of them.

Another “flaw” is that the adrenaline levels will not run as high as with real cash slots. This is, of course, understandable and while excitement can be pretty moderate, the benefits are amazing – juts thing about all the bets you saved while getting acquainted with the game, payout frequency and bonus features – all thanks to the miracle called Free Slot Machine! Lastly, Free Slot Machine will not generate any money, but on the other hand, a dollar saved is a dollar earned, right?