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Types of Slot Games

A lot has changed since the 19th century, when the first version of slot machine was manufactured and offered as a means of entertainment to the general public. By the 20th century, the machine has evolved and took the form that's closer to what we know today. The 60s brought us the first electro mechanical slot variant while the 70s are officially the decade when the modern day slot machine was developed.

In the 90s, as the gambling started its transition to the cyber world, slots were the first to be included in an online casino offer. While most of the slots that you can find online follow the same 5-reel and 3-row pattern, original 3-reel structure of the traditional fruit machine can still be found in both internet and land based casinos. In addition to the number of reels, the slots are further categorised as:

  • All Ways Win Slots


  • i-slots


  • 3D Slots


  • Feature Slot


  • Progressive Jackpot

Ways Win Slots

Slots with this structure are extremely popular due to the number of valid paylines, which is significantly higher than with the standard payline system slots and comes at the lower cost. This means that the minimum bet is distributed across 243, 1024 and 3125 lines, offering more winning chances at the same betting level. Players who are on a budget will definitely benefit from all ways-win slots, thanks to the fact that the smaller winnings will be frequently generated for every winning combination formed on the reels whereas the line bet is multiplied by the number of valid combos.


Extremely entertaining form of slots that allow the players to interact with the game and experience the slot on an entirely different level, as the story advances. The entire concept is based on progress play games with the background story line that evolves as the players go through different stages, which is pretty revolutionary when slots are concerned.

3D Slots

Not a lot of explaining is required here, since it is pretty obvious what the name refers to. Obviously, 3D animation requires a stronger theme and software developers nowadays compete in providing effective background stories together with visually more demanding symbols.

Feature Slots

Highly competitive market has pretty much eliminated the slots without extra features and you are not likely to find a game that's without bonus games, free spins, extra Wilds and Scatter symbols. Since bonus games have become the norm, Feature slot is now the term used for all slots that introduce a fixed structural change, such as an unconventional reel system  - Collapsing reels or even an extra set of reels.

Progressive Slot Games

Progressives are one of the most popular slot categories that can turn you in an overnight millionaire with no more than a single spin. Progressive slots start at a certain amount which is being boosted by all the players who wager on the game, gradually increasing the amount until one lucky player manages to hit the jackpot. The best thing about progressives is that any bet size can unlock the jackpot, although odds are usually better with higher wagers.

The Future of Slot Games Virtual Reality Slot Games

The future of slot games is already here and some of the major software developers have already launched their first VR slots. Considering the range of themes, slot games are a perfect platform for virtual reality technology and it is only a matter of time before every slot gets its VR counterpart. The way future is headed, it would even be safe to assume that VR casinos and slot games will eliminate the need for their physical and online versions.

19 Aug 2018