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I've heard something about freeslots does that actually exist?

Gambling doesn't always have to cost money and if you think that slots are an expensive pastime, you could be mistaken! Five minutes online are quite enough for a rumour on freeslots to reach you and if you have dismissed the thought of anything in this world being free, you better believe that the freeslots concept is true! The idea behind offering slots for free is simple – it is in the best interest of the casino operator to provide the optimal service to their members and the software developers have met that demand by offering their releases in two modes: real cash and demo or test play mode, aka free play game version.

To play the slots without depositing, the players will only need to launch the game in the fun play mode. Everything else will remain the same – layout, rules and the betting procedure. Although there are certain exceptions, freeslots will not differentiate in any way from their real money counterparts. Pretty much all the features can be triggered, even if you are playing for credits and if that's not the case, the developer will clearly state it under the payout table details or game rules section. 

Where can I find freeslots?

Everywhere! Find any online casino and go straight to the Slots category. Don't even worry about registering an account cause it will not be necessary. Online casinos will allow you to launch most of their slots and play for free until you get everything you came for. There are some category exceptions that cannot be played for free, such as slots with progressive jackpots, but for the most part, you should not have any issues with test playing freeslots or even some casino games under other categories. Here can you try out free slot games for free

If you are interested in a specific slot title or a software developer you can search for it directly from your browser – just type in the name of the slot and add “freeslots” or “free play” tag next to it. Should there be a fun play version of the slot, the result will pop up, together with all the online casinos that include that particular freeslot in their offer.

What is the point?

For those of you who are still scratching their heads, trying to figure out what exactly is the point of gambling and not wagering, the answer is simple - strategy! No matter how detailed description of a slot is, it will never tell you what you really need to know:

  1. a) How often are the bonus features triggered?
  2. b) How frequent and generous are the payouts?

This is something that you will only learn by playing, but by the time you figure out that a certain slot is no good and that the only thing you managed to get out of it is a big fat zero, it is too late. The money and time are already lost. Freeslots will prevent that from happening, as you will get to test each slot before wagering real cash.

Do I get to collect my payouts if I play freeslots and win?

This is the only downside of freeslots; since you are not actually wagering any real money, you will therefore not be able to generate any. The only thing you will get to win is the insight and knowledge about the game, which will in turn save you a lot of money. Considering the risk you are taking when playing a new or an unknown game and taking one step back to look at the bigger picture, this is just as useful as winning.

30 Oct 2018